New_Age_Incense.jpgNew Age Incense : Quality incense sticks made with essential oils in your favorite oils, 16 sticks a pack. Made in USA, cruetly free product. Our products are made of uncut, aromatherapy grade, skin-safe oils. We import the finest essential oils from around the world and carefully blend them to produce what we believe is the finest line of incense made right here in the USA. All of our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, are cruelty free, and are made in an environmentally sensitive manner.

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New Age Henna Tattoo kit is a wonderful natural herbal kit to make your own body art! Our kit provides you with every tool to make any tattoo of your choice. Ready to make your custom designs? Well our New Age Kit is your solution, it is all natural, no chemicals are used unlike many other henna products out there, that actually harm your skin in order give you the dark ink on your body. Try our kit and see the difference.

Kit Includes:

  • Henna Powder: 50gms
  • Henna Oil: 4 ml
  • Henna Tatoo
  • Cotton Ball
  • Wooden Mixing Stick
  • Design Paper
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cone Dispenser
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New Age Essence Resin are great way to use as skin perfumes, burn on charcaol tablets or just put in a bowl for a wonderful aroma throughout the house, office or car. Our amber resins are the higest grade, statisfaction with our amber resin are 100%, these resins are packaged in 5 gram bag for easy storage in the mini boxes or to place on charcoal. Please choose the fragrance you would like to try today, collect them all.
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