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We are a small independent Business Consulting firm. We specialize in working with small and start-up businesses. We work with clients who are starting their own business. We have access to a variety or resources to get you started on the right track. Whether you are starting your first business or expanding your existing business we can assist and provide you with the resources to help you succeed.  


Our Mission

          To help each client realize their full potential. For you, our client, we are a resource to help you grow and develop your business. We will guide and counsel you to achieve long term success in your business.   Each client is entitled to the utmost in personal service. We will analyze your individual situation and provide a consulting service custom tailored to your individual needs. At Keller Consulting we pride ourselves on giving one on one personalized service. 












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Keller Consulting, LLC
OFFICE: 8966-A Interline, Baton Rouge MAIL: P. O. BOX # 14358
Baton Rouge LA 70898
Phone: (225) 928-9499 Fax: (866) 570-9823

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