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For those suffering from chronic illnesses, we hope that you have found a new option to help you on the road to recovery. The discipline of Functional Medicine was developed to help doctors find the underlying causes for a patient's chronic illness.

Medical science has determined that many of today's chronic illnesses can be triggered or aggravated by negative factors in nutrition and environment. Functional Medicine examines how these factors impact and undermine the optimal functioning of hormonal systems including--but not limited to--the thyroid, adrenal, and other endocrine glands. Once the causes have been determined, treatment can usually be implemented with natural therapies that do not further stress the already ailing body.

Chronic illnesses treated by Dr. Hart include: Lyme Disease - Fibromyalgia - Chronic Fatigue - Chronic/Migraine Headaches - Chronic Yeast/Systemic Yeast Problems - Thyroid Disorders - Chronic Allergies - Hormone Imbalances - Osteoporosis - Chronic Abdominal/Pelvic Pain.

Dr. Hart does not discount the value of conventional medicine. He acknowledges that we have the best trauma care in America and that drugs have been used in many situations to dramatically save lives.

Dr. Hart also has 14 years experience in Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy and is knowledgeable in addressing environmental issues as they relate to health. His previous 22 years as a board certified OB-GYN give him a solid background of knowledge in those areas.

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