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"Functional Medicine is a science-based health care that demands a systematic, patient-centered approach to understanding the underlying web of physiological factors and effects that influence health and the progression of disease. FM incorporates the functional principles that exist in many conventional and alternative practices but focuses on the principles of molecular medicine and modern nutritional biochemistry with an emphasis on clinical application.

According to a Functional Medicine perspective, patient care presumes that each person is a unique individual with a singular genetic structure. Our purpose as Functional Medicine practitioners is to elicit and understand our patient's uniqueness, including their experiences."

(Excerpt from David Jones, M.D. Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice, February 2000)

Most humans know what good health looks and feels like.  When a person does not have energy and they are not able to live the life they want, then they want to know what they can do to achieve health.  The new discipline of Functional Medicine was developed to help doctors find the underlying causes for a patient's chronic illness. Medical science has discovered that many of today's chronic illnesses are connected to issues with nutrition and environment.

Functional Medicine focuses on how these factors impact and undermine the optimal operation of many of our body’s systems. These include—but are not limited to—digestive, circulatory, cognitive, elimination, and hormonal systems including the thyroid, adrenal, and other endocrine glands. Dr. Hart's treatments can help restore/maintain your stamina and good health with appropriate diagnostic tests, nutrition counseling and supplements, and medications (but only as needed).

Our goal is to evaluate all aspects of the patient's problems and treat them in a comprehensive program. The bottom line is: people want to get well, and they want real answers about WHY they are sick and what can be done to effect a solution.

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