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My Company "Awesome Artist LLC" will provide for you general services operating at the 2363 N. Academy Office Space. General Service will provide an education center named the College of Constitution Education. The mission statement of this Education body is to provide knowledge and understanding how the Constitution of the United States defines its Citizens as Sovereign, not the State.  This education is available through a membership fee. Services and Products


In this political season, CCE will be a resource that will assist members to learn what to do as Delegates and Alternates going into Political Party Assemblies and Conventions. 


As a token of appreciation of your membership purchase, Awesome Artist LLC will donate a Commemorative Art Piece of Dr. Ron Paul. The first is called "Remember Dec. 16th 07," and It's a reproduction of a Portrait of Dr. Ron Paul that most of you have seen displayed at the Colorado Springs Office. The Original is signed by Dr. Paul and by me the Artist (Charlie Aligaen) dated on Dec. 16th 2007. This is the Day the Ron Paul Campaign raised a record breaking $6 Million! You as a member will own this piece of Revolutionary History.


We're looking to serving you and continuing the fight our Freedoms.


Thank you,


Charlie Aligaen

Awesome Arist LLC 





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